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CRYOSTEM biospecimen collection access

Since 2015 CRYOSTEM has provided project leaders with access to its collection of biological resources to pursue a major objective: better understand, predict and treat the complications of HSCT. Research projects submission can be done all year round, all applications are evaluated by the Scientific Committee of CRYOSTEM and an international group of independent experts at least 4 times a year.

Today, to accelerate these discoveries, CRYOSTEM is giving access to almost 200,000 biological samples of transplant donor-recipient pair in its collection to academic and industrial laboratories from around the world. Initially focused on the single disease of graft-versus-host (Graft versus Host Disease or GvHD), the scope was further extended in November 2016 to all the complications of HSCT (with the authorization of the Committee of the Protection of Persons РCPP РSouth Mediterranean I).

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