CRYOSTEM supports fundamental, translational and clinical research projects in the field of HSCT complications

Provide a safer transplant for patients

As part of its call for projects program launched in December 2014, CRYOSTEM contributed to the destocking of nearly 7000 samples to feed 10 medical and scientific research projects on the complications of bone marrow transplantation.

Getting access to the CRYOSTEM’s collection of biological resources allowed us to validate the reliability of all of our experimental data. Without this essential step, we could not have completed this research work. Dr. David Michonneau, researcher in immunology and hematology at Saint-Louis hospital.

The scientific valorization of the collection follows a two-year embargo period necessary for the creation of a critical mass of samples and their associated data. The projects selected by the CRYOSTEM Scientific Committee which benefited from access to the collection have thus contributed to broadening knowledge on GvHD as well as on the many other forms of transplantation complications . These projects have also fostered interdisciplinary collaborations by involving international players in academic and private research operating around strategic themes such as immunology, bioinformatics, virology and hematology.

All results and discoveries thus obtained will have a strong impact on the future practices of bone marrow transplantation and, more importantly, on the care and quality of life of transplant patients through the development of new diagnostic strategies and the implementation of personalized transplant protocols focused on the best compatibility between donor and recipient.

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